Market-oriented Product Innovation

  • Senior market specialists analyze the industry and related, trace and spot market trends
  • Formulate the product development strategies according to market trends
  • DisplayPort, USB3.0. and HDMI cables are available

In-house R&D with High-Caliber R&D Talents

  • 78 R&D professionals, including 3 with master degree, 33 with bachelor degree, and 42 with associate degree
  • Majored in Cable&Wire Design, Cable&Insulation Technologies, Auto Control, Computer Science, Engineering
  • Profund experiences and innovative and practical competences in cable research

Well-equipped Research and Testing Labs

  • Well-equipped labs to do all research and all reliability and R&D related testing
  • Advanced testing instruments, including Network Analyzers, Time Domain Reflector (TDR), Shielding effectiveness tester and etc.

Own the Patents of Core and Innovative Technologies

  • Mature technologies, including RF (Radio frequency), HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), DisplayPort, high frequency EMC, Low IL (Insertion Loss), Anti-electric shock and anti-lightning
  • Comply with the major international technical standards, including RoHS, UL, REACH, CCC and etc.

Leading Product Design and Fashionable Packaging Design

  • R&D professionals design cables all grades to cater for different consumption and market requirements
  • Senior artists design packages in fashion

Flexible OEM and Accessories Design

  • Rich experience in developing all sorts of OEM products and packaging to suit customer needs